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Hafa Adai!
Hi. My name is Kevin, one of the employees at Dollar Rent A Car.

I will introduce the vehicle that will be perfectly fit into your next Guam trip with children, with grandparents, and trip with a group.

This is Toyota Sienna which is manufacture and sale in USA by Toyota USA branch. This vehicle has more space in itself, compare to Japanese model minivan.

See the space? It’s huge! This is the 8 passengers’ car. Grand-father, grand-mother, mom, dad and children, almost everybody can fit in this vehicle!!!

Even everyone in the car, you still have some space too. And you know what, aunt, uncle and friends can sit too. Oh! but remember, 8 passengers are the maximum. lol

Not only having a large space for the seating, there are more space in the back of the car to put your belongings. Even if you shop a lot, still fine…it will fit. It’s easy to put baby stroller, too!

Besides a group trip or family trip, many people use this vehicle for pick up and drop off people to party venue. Great for business and wedding.

It tends to take more time, using a public transportation with a big group. But rental this type of vehicle will help shorten the time since it will provide you easy in-and -out, moving once place to another as a group.

Sienna is the best car for enjoy a trip in Guam with your friends and family.

I wish your next trip to Guam with family and friends will be awesome one!
See you!

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