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SMART for Your Next Trip to Guam!

Hafa Adai!
This is Kevin, one of the employees at “Dollar Rent A Car”.
Today, I will introduce one of our vehicles for rent.

This is “SMART”.

The car is small but using advanced technology. The collision safety is great. The test shows this car has high toleration when it’s in crush, like truck does.

It is easy to drive, but safe. When you drive unfamiliar place like Guam, it’s important to get reliable vehicle easy to drive and park. It’s really the ultimate in-city vehicle.

You know what? It looks small but inside is spacious. I like to see my customer’s face when I opened the door to show them. They will be surprised by the larger interior of the car.

Smart is great for a couple since maximum passengers is for two.

This is the picture that my customer just got a vehicle, and then driving off from the office now. Fun time has started on Guam!

In fact, Smart is very popular since its from Dutch. We don’t have an opportunity to drive a car from other country unless we rent.

By the way, our company is only one who have Smart for rent in Guam.
So it is very special.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you.
Please fill only premium gas to this car because of high quality car.

Smart requires “premium gas” only. Here is the reason…
The Smart has turbo engine, but small exhaust amount displacement.

Well, let’s not focus on too much details….lol
I would say, Smart are designed to be small, fuel-efficient, environmentally responsible and friendly.

Well, why don’t you get a special type of rental car, like Smart. And try visiting a lot of places when you come to Guam.

See you!

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Dollar Rent A Car GUAM
Dollar Rent A Car GUAM
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