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Rental Car Trip to Humatac

Hafa Adai!
This is Kevin, one of the employees at “Dollar Rent A Car”.

Let me introduce a village called, Humatac today.

Driving down the road with many up and down hills from Agat, you will arrive to Humatac.

When you drive the south part of Guam, sometimes you’ll see water buffalos. We call them “Carabao” in Guam.

This village has the smallest population among all villages on Guam. But not the least! There were major history events happened in this small village.

The Adventurer, Magellan who dreamed sailing around the world, stopped at Humatac when he found Guam.

There are a lot of remaining in the village from Spanish colonial era. Old San Dionisio Church, Magellan Monument, Bay overlooks, and Fort Soladad are famous sightseeing places.

This big tree becomes a symbol of Humatac. This village is very peaceful and good place to learn about Guam history.

You’ll find some signs like this, that tell you about history about Humatac.

In March, Guam celebrate its heritage, is called “Chamorro Month”. There is a event at this village. You can enjoy Chamorro food, dance or skit about Magellan when he discovered Guam.

In the picture, local boys and girls are dancing.

I cannot tell everything about Humatac now, but please visit this beautiful village when you have a chance.

Well, why don’t you get a rental car, and try visiting these places when you come to Guam.

See you!


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