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Rent A Car Trip to Hagatna

Hafa Adai!
Hi. My name is Kevin, one of the employees at Dollar Rent A Car.

Today, I will introduce “Hagatna Area” to you.

In Hagatna, there are a lot of sightseeing places that you can visit, such as Agana shopping center, Dulee Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica, Plaza de Espana, Guam museum and more.

Agana shopping center

The shopping center contains:
“Payless Super Market” where local people usually shop for their grocery.
“Skyzone”, a trampoline park, and many other stores, cafes and restaurants.

Dulee Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica

It is a biggest Cathedral in Guam. Their stained glasses on the wall are very beautiful!

The picture is just the part of it, isn’t it beautiful?
Make this cathedral is to your next destination, you can enter inside anytime except they have a mass.

Guam Museum

In this museum, you’ll learn a history of Guam thru the exhibitions.
this is the place you need to go!

In this gift shop, you will be able to find some items that are produced/made in Guam. If you are looking for a special Souvenir? This will be a great place for you.

The gift shop also sells sandwiches, snacks, and drink like coffee, juice, water, and more. I recommend you getting a light meal and drink to go for a drive. It’s just perfect for you to relax in the beach.

That’s my favorite time…

You can enjoy Guam more when you have a vehicle, you can go anywhere you want!!!

Why don’t you get a rental car, and go for a drive to Hagatna.
See you!


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Dollar Rent A Car GUAM
Dollar Rent A Car GUAM
Dollar Rent A Car GUAM
Dollar Rent A Car GUAM
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