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Rent A Car Trip to Asan~part1~

Hafa Adai!
Hi. My name is Kevin, one of the employees at Dollar Rent A Car.

Let’s explore the Asan, Guam!

Village of Asan is known as a tragic site of battlefield in World War II. But now, the village is not what it used to be. It’s peaceful beach and full of nature.

Asan’s one of the best sightseeing place is “Ricardo Bordello Governor’s Complex” (locals call this place an “Adelup”) where Guam’ governor use the facilities for public business.

View from Adelup is beautiful. Very calming too.

I come here with a cup of drink, just looking at the ocean.

There is a overlook. It has a shape of Latte Stones which is the one of the historical remining of ancient Mariana’s islands culture. I’ve never went up to the overlook yet, but I heard it’s gorgeous ocean view.

You can’t go to Adelup point without renting a vehicle, so I recommend you coming here when you get one. Again, this is a great spot if you like the ocean.

There are many places in Asan that came up to my mind to introduce…, but I can’t do it for now since the time is short.

So I will introduce Asan later. Maye next time….

OK, let me tell you one more place before I finished.
It’s “War in the Pacific National Historical Park”. Located in Asan Beach.

This is the spot that American landed on during World War II. Unlike the tragic event happened in the past, now it’s very peaceful, and local people love to hang out here. Jogging, biking, and having a picnic with their favorite BBQ dishes.

This is the one of the best spots to take wedding photo. Beautiful ocean in the background with coconuts trees will be perfect moment that you want to capture.

…Blue sky and ocean, bright deep greens are just gorgeous!

Asan beach park is the one of the best place I would like you to go with rental vehicle. Sunset is really beautiful and romantic also. Take a walk with whom you love…that’s just wonderful.

You will discover more excitement of Guam if you have rental car.
Why don’t you get a rental car, and go for a drive to Asan.
See you!


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