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Rental Car Trip to Merizo!

Hafa Adai!
This is Kevin, one of the employees at “Dollar Rent A Car”.
Today, I will introduce a village called, “Merizo”.

In Merizo, there are rivers, mountains, and beaches. It is a most southern part in island of Guam. From this village, you can go to the Cocos Island.

Cocos Island is located 1mile off from Merizo. Ferry is the only transportation to go there. It’s a day resort with a beach. You can snorkel, dive, kayak and jet ski etc.

The picture is Cocos island from the shore of Merizo. I personally feel like water here looks more clear than other place in Guam.

Anyway, Stop the car by the Cocos pier. The view is beautiful.

There are no fancy stores in Merizo. But if you get thirsty while driving, stop by at “Fish & Bull”. You can buy drink and sandwiches there. They serve some light meal too.

Well, there are many places that you can visit in Merizo.

El Covento is one of them. It was built about 150 years ago. Also you may want to check out the “Bell Tower” which is built by one of the Catholic priest in Spanish colonial era.

Well, why don’t you get a rental car, and try visiting these places when you come to Guam. More you explore the island, more you fun you will find!

Hope to see you soon!


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